A boutique for educating and shaping young minds.

Born out of the need for nurturing childhood and stimulating young minds, The Green Turtle is a Preschool, Parent-Toddler and Activity Center that focuses on creatively introducing kids to their surroundings and offering diverse opportunities for physical, emotional, congnitive and social growth. A boutique learning approach enables The Green Turtle to provide a nurturing environment for the holistic development of the child.

Admissions open for Mother Toddler, PLAYGROUP, Pre-nursery and Nursery.


A wonderful place to Learn and Grow


Full of Fun, Laughter and Learning

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Program Duration Age Time Frequency Fees
Playgroup June to March 16mths to 2yrs 9:45am-11:45am Mon to Fri  
Pre-nursery June to March 2yrs to 3yrs 9.15am- 12.15pm Mon to Fri  
Mother toddler 3 months (36 sessions) 7mths to 2yrs "9.30am- 11am
11.30am - 1pm
Mon,Wed,Fri 12000 (3m)
22000 (6m)"
Butterfly Babies 3 months(48 sessions) 18mths to 3yrs 4.30pm - 6pm Mon to Thurs 7500
"Rhythm in me" Dance 6 months (24 sessions) 2yrs to 5yrs 4pm- 5pm Fri 5000
Let's talk conversation 3 months (24 sessions) 2.5yrs to 4yrs 5pm-6pm Tue, Thurs 4800
Gymnastics 6 months (48 sessions) 2.5yrs to 6yrs 4pm- 5pm Mon,Wed 10500
Stories come alive(Julia Donaldson) 3 months (12 sessions) 2.5yrs to 6yrs 5pm-6pm Fri 4200
Wagology- Learning through animals 2.5 months (20 sessions) 3yrs to 5yrs 5pm - 6pm/6pm-7pm Mon,Wed 4500
Fun with Math 3 months (24 sessions) 3yrs to 6yrs 5pm-6pm Mon,Wed 5200
Kids in Rhythm Drumming by Taal 1 month 3yrs to 8yrs please call    
Funplex weekends pay as you go 3yrs to 9yrs 10am-1pm Sat* 500
Google box 3 months(24 sessions) 4yrs to 6yrs 5pm-6pm Tue, Thr 4500
Robotics   5yrs to 8yrs please call    
Creative Writing by Kalamwali 3 months (12 sessions) 5yrs to 10yrs 6pm-7pm Thur 4200


A Jamboree of Joy

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